Chemline is a distributor of Laboratory Chemicals and Supplies used for Quality Controls in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Manufacturing.

We specialized in the distribution and retailing of all kinds of laboratory chemicals, supplies and glasswares and scientific equipment and repair.

We also fabricate custom-designed fumehoods, laminar flow hoods, shakers and laboratory furniture.


Chemline is a distributor of Laboratory Chemicals and Supplies used for Quality Controls in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Manufacturing.

We specialized in the distribution and retailing of all kinds of laboratory chemicals, supplies and glasswares and scientific equipment and repair.

We also fabricate custom-designed fumehoods, laminar flow hoods, shakers and laboratory furniture.


About Control Company




Control Company designs, manufactures, and sells laboratory equipment and scientific instruments for life science, industrial, biomedical, healthcare, educational, and governmental markets.

Anemometers.Barometers.Battery Tester.Burn Station. Calculators. Calipers.Carts.Clamps.Conductivity.Controlllers.Counters.Data Loggers. Desiccants.Desiccators.Dusters.Electrode Arm.Glasswares. Tools.Humidity.Lasers.Lights.Light Meter.Liquid Meter. Liquid Alarm.Manometers.Magnifiers.Moisture.Multimeters.Oxygen Meters. Pens/Graphs. Pressure/Vac. Pumps. Slide Holders. Software.Sound Meter. Stopwatches. Tachnometers.Tags.Thermometers.Timers.Tools.Wash Bottles. Wipes.Weather Station

About Scharlau Laboratory Company




Our factory is responsible for the production of laboratory chemicals and culture media for microbiology. We produce and create to leave our mark on the market by means of our product. 75% of Scharlau’s production corresponds to laboratory chemicals, 12% to dehydrated culture media and the remaining 13% to prepared culture media. These products are used regularly by more than 4,000 customers in Spain and are present in over 100 countries. Sales have continued to rise with an increasing percentage of production being destined for export. These figures confirm that Scharlau is an increasingly recognized brand. This is understandable because Scharlau is committed to professionalism, motivation, innovation and technology and this is reflected in all our processes.

Due to this alliance with progress we can offer high quality at competitive prices making us alternative for which more and more multinationals are opting. More and more are those who are coming to know our specialties high purity solvents, multi-purpose solvents, solvents in returnable containers, volumetric solutions and standards on AA – and all of the more than 2,000 products in the Scharlau catalogue, are an excellent choice.

About e-Nasco




Nasco’s 20 different catalogs offer over 65,000 unique products to meet the needs of teachers in 14 different educational subject areas, farmers and ranchers, and industry. In addition to serving customers in all 50 states, Nasco’s unique blend of products for education, health care, agriculture, and industry appeals to customers in over 100 countries. Our mission is to provide customers with the best in quality, personal service, and affordably priced products. Nasco’s mail-order catalogs offer a convenient, inexpensive way for individuals in education, health care, agriculture, and industry to shop for the items they need.

About Shimadzu




Shimadzu presently offers a multitude of products, encompassing analytical and measuring instruments, medical systems and equipment, aircraft equipment, and industrial equipment, across a wide range of fields, as well as meticulous, responsive service. In addition to these core businesses, we continue to explore new ventures that will positively impact society in the future. Acknowledging the realities of an aging society and heightened interest in the well-being of individuals, and in response to the goals of ultra-early diagnosis and treatment in the field of next-generation medicine, we are focusing on the development of “molecular imaging technology” to enable detection of subtle symptoms before the onset of full-blown diseases.

In addition, we fully support the realization of dreams in other technological fields. For example, in the environmental field, we are developing cleanup technologies which will not require the removal of existing buildings to rehabilitate polluted underground soil. In the field of industrial measurements, we are developing combustion measurement technology for automobile engines, an innovation that will further reduce fuel consumption. Looking forward, we will continue to cultivate new business opportunities in such fields as the global environment, energy, automotives, and IT, by promoting leading-edge seed technology development.

About Sigma




The breadth of MISSION RNAi products provide highly effective gene modulation for RNAi research, including siRNA, shRNA, esiRNA and miRNA.

Our tools can be applied to basic or advanced applications, from single to multiplex experiments. We provide MISSION siRNA and esiRNA products for straightforward knockdown of your target gene, with reduced off-target effects. MISSION shRNA incorporates The RNAi Consortium’s (TRC) highly validated lentiviral-based shRNA libraries, TRC1 and TRC2. We also offer a human miRNA mimic library to supplement the MISSION RNAi related product line.

About Supelco Analytical




Supelco, a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (Nasdaq: SIAL), and a leading supplier of chromatography products for analysis and purification, is pleased to announce the release of the Omegawax 100 capillary GC column.

Supelco recognizes the need of food chemists to achieve faster analysis times and greater throughput to meet consumer desires to have “healthier fat” in their diet. The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are important, as increased consumption has been linked with reducing coronary heart disease. They also play an important role in brain development in babies. The existing method for the analysis of food products containing these fatty acids is complex and requires approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The new Omegawax 100 column has the ability to significantly reduce the analysis time. A reduction in column internal diameter is coupled with a reduction in column length, so that resolution of key FAMEs is maintained. The new Omegawax 100 column allows food analysts to increase sample throughput without sacrificing the quality of the chromatography.

About Sigma-Aldrich




Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Its biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, the diagnosis of disease and as key components in pharmaceutical and other high technology manufacturing. The Company has customers in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals, and in industry. Over one million scientists and technologists use its products. Sigma-Aldrich operates in 38 countries and has 7,700 employees providing excellent service worldwide. Sigma-Aldrich is committed to Accelerating Customer Success through Innovation and Leadership in Life Science, High Technology and Service.

For more information about Sigma-Aldrich, please visit its award-winning Web site at Sigma-Aldrich.

About Denka Seiken Co., Ltd.




Quality and Market Share: Underpin Our Leadership in Diagnostic Reagents

Denka Seiken has a broad lineup of diagnostic reagents, starting with in vitro diagnostic reagents approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We offer highly original products of excellent quality in a variety of fields, including clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, and infectious disease IVD reagents.

About Techno PharmChem




Techno PharmChem offers one of the widest selections of fine chemical products for chemical Reagent, Plastic ware, Microbiological Culture Media, CVS, Indicator papers, Indicators stains. All products are manufactured to exacting quality control specifications and are provided with a lot specific certificate of analysis.

About Sartorious Stedim




Sartorius is a leading international laboratory and process technology provider with core areas of expertise in biotechnology and mechatronics. Our technological prowess, the outstanding quality of our products and services and our global presence make Sartorius one of the preferred partners to the pharmaceutical | biotech and chemical industries as well as to food and beverage producers.

We help our customers efficiently implement complex lab and production processes. In the future as well, we will further seek to systematically expand our position as an innovative, customer-oriented technology group. Based on Sartorius’s clear-cut strategy, we will continue to create long-lasting value for customers and shareholders alike and translate our growth into high profitability.

About Ohaus




OHAUS Corporation manufactures and markets an extensive line of balances and scales that meet the demands of virtually any weighing need. We are one of the global leaders in the laboratory, education, industrial channels as well as a host of specialty markets, including food preparation, pharmacy, retail and jewelry industries. An ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS products are precise, reliable and affordable, and are backed by industry-leading customer support.

About Suvchem





SuvChem is a leading quality manufacturer and exporter of Chemicals. The company specializes in Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents.

REASEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Our research & development department is always searching to develop new products thus further invest a lot of amount in R&D. The Analytical Section utilizes the most modern instruments and equipments, as well as traditional apparatus. Expert analysts closely examine samples of all lots produced. This outstanding combination of advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and expertise enables Suvchem to assure higher quality in a wider selection of special organic and inorganic chemicals.

About SAFC




SAFC® is the custom manufacturing and services business unit within Sigma-Aldrich that focuses on high-purity inorganics for high technology applications, cell culture products and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, biochemical production and the manufacturing of complex, multi-step organic synthesis of APIs and key intermediates. SAFC has manufacturing facilities around the world dedicated to providing manufacturing services for companies requiring a reliable partner to produce their custom manufactured materials. SAFC has four business segments – SAFC Pharma®, SAFC Supply Solutions®, SAFC Biosciences®, and SAFC Hitech® – and had annual sales of $600 million in 2009. SAFC is considered a top 10 fine chemical company.

About Sigma Proligo




Sigma Life Science is recognized as the world’s leading supplier of custom DNA & RNA oligonucleotides for the global life science research community. Our ability to guarantee oligo quality and performance is directly related to our comprehensive understanding of oligonucleotide chemistry and synthesis platforms, our investment in analytical systems and our experience in methods development. Offering a comprehensive product portfolio of DNA oligos, DNA probes,RNA oligos and siRNA, Sigma Life Science is a bio business with more highly skilled professionals and technologically advanced tools and products than anyone else. These are just some of the reasons more and more scientists choose Sigma Life Science as the name to trust for molecular biology research.

Sigma-Proligo provides researchers throughout the world with high-quality oligonucleotides due to a high throughput synthesis platform, enabling it to deliver high-quality products at short deadlinesWith 65 employees in France, the majority of whom are researchers, Sigma- Proligo has world-class expertise in nucleic acid synthesis and holds several key patents in siRNA gene silencing technology. Thanks to an R&D team, which is also based in Evry, this site is expected to become a center of excellence within the Sigma-Aldrich group. The new facility is expected to provide the capacity needed for the Company to advance the production of high-quality oligonucleotides in order to meet emerging needs within the bioscience research sector.

Sigma-Proligo has extensive knowledge in the fields of DNA synthesis, siRNA, long amino oligos, quantitative PCR probes and specialized products such as Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA). Sigma-Proligo develops new protocols and new methods in the field of oligonucleotides, and is one of four companies with the MIT license on siRNAs.


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